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Women’s Day Special: AcrossLimits projects focusing on women

International Women’s day, celebrated on March 8, serves to highlight certain issues faced by women, such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

AcrossLimits has participated in a number of EU projects over the years which are targeted mainly at women, especially in relation to career-seeking, female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Take a look at four of our projects below:

Becoming a Woman Coder (BWC)

The Becoming a Woman Coder project (2020-2022) was an Erasmus+ funded Strategic partnership for Adult Education which aimed at helping guidance counsellors to encourage women to pursue a career in ICT. A number of tools were developed, including a serious game and an educational cartoon, which can all be found on the Becoming a Woman Coder website. The tools were developed in English, French, Polish and Finnish.

Becoming a Woman Coder (2020-2022) was awarded the « Bonne Pratique » Label by the Erasmus+ French National Agency. Read more about this.

Discover more about the project here:


Next Generation Women Technology Entrepreneurs (BIZMIZ)

The BizMiz project (2019-2021) was an Erasmus+ funded Strategic Partnership for Adult Education which aimed at empowering women to develop high-quality skills and digital competences that would support them to achieve their full potential as next generation women technology entrepreneurs. 

The project therefore developed and provided an online entrepreneurship training course focusing on how to effectively take advantage of modern social media platforms in the field of entrepreneurship. 

The e-learning platform was developed in English, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Polish and Lithuanian and can be found on the BizMiz website.


Weight Strengths-based Coaching for Weight Literacy (Weight Matters)

The Weight Matters project (2017-2019) was an Erasmus+ funded Strategic partnership focusing on the sector of healthy living and social exclusion. The main objectives of the project were to improve both the physical health and psychological wellbeing of people from lower socioeconomic groups who are normally at risk of social and health exclusion, by supporting them to develop skills and strategies for weight literacy.

In addition, Weight Matters ran a set of its Weight Free Groups specifically for groups of women from lower socioeconomic groups, who might face additional challenges and barriers to weight literacy.

The project outputs were: a Weight Matters eGuide, a Weight matters elearning platform, Weight Free groups, pilots of the Weight Matters training programme, as well as a Weight Matters Framework report. 

The platform was developed in English, Maltese, Greek and Italian. View the website here.


100 Mirrors Inclusive Tools for the Motivation of Enterprising Disabled Women (100 Mirrors Inc)

The aim of the Erasmus+ funded 100 Mirrors Inc project (2016-2019) was to promote inclusive entrepreneurship for women with disabilities by developing a methodology based on coaching, mentoring and job shadowing of women with physical disabilities willing to become entrepreneurs.

Coaching and mentoring was done by successful disabled women entrepreneurs supported by trainers. The project also developed a needs and state-of-the-art analysis, a number of videos and an e-book with testimonies of successful entrepreneurs affected by disability, a guide and e-training on how to coach people with disabilities for inclusive entrepreneurship, a manual and e-training for women with disabilities.

The project platform and materials were developed in English, Polish, Spanish, Greek and Latvian. Check out the website here.


AcrossLimits has always enjoyed participating in projects which focus on female empowerment, especially in entrepreneurship. We are now working on another project which centres around women in the blue economy. 

If you have a project idea related to women empowerment which you would like to share with us, get in touch with us at [email protected]!