Technology - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner


AcrossLimits focuses its solution and service offerings on the deployment of Information Technology to benefit all businesses, organisations and citizens. Our team of programmers and designers are flexible and can deal with a variety of cross-platform technologies. The following is a list of our technology services:


eLearning Platforms

Technology in education has always been an area of interest for AcrossLimits. We are able to build interactive online courses using either open source (Moodle, CoursePress) or proprietary software that allows students of any age to achieve their learning objectives. Our platforms are multi-lingual, available on mobile phones and fully secure, ensuring peace of mind for any educational establishment.

Website Development/Design

Our designers are able to create online experiences that are engaging and immersive. Depending on our clients’ needs, we use a variety of content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. This ensures that migrating your current website or building a new one with us is a simple and seamless process. Our portfolio features an array of clients from diverse industries including education, medical and technological.

Domain and Hosting

Protect your online name today thanks to the variety of domains available. We can quickly register your name in different jurisdictions and provide you with fast and reliable hosting with a simple management interface.

App Development

We believe that engaging mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices are a valuable support tool for your business. We can create a mobile app to suit your specific needs. Through strategic planning and research, our developers will work together with you from the concept to the design stages and development to launch. Our team will ensure that your mobile app functions as an effective and efficient tool in your marketing or productivity assets.

Game Development

Engage your audiences with something fun, but also something sustainable. We can help you build an online (and mobile) game that conveys your message to others and grabs their attention. Whether the purpose of your game is simply for entertainment, or seeks to be educational, AcrossLimits can tailor it to your needs and the needs of your target audience.

AcrossLimits is also actively involved in technology research and focuses its efforts on the creation of innovative ICT solutions. At the European level, we are very active in various research programmes covering diverse areas of interest which include: eLearning, environmental monitoring, Green ICT, telecare, eGovernment, eHealth, digital culture and in the promotion of gender equality.