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EU Opportunities Consultancy

AcrossLimits is here to help you and your organisation enter the European stage, and exploit all the opportunities available to you. Through our specialist consultancy services, backed up by over 23 years of experience navigating the world of EU funding and research, we help public entities and private businesses alike, by opening doors in Europe and providing critical support to internationalisation activities.


Our proven experience in the development of research projects and procurement of funding and tendering opportunities means that we are able to support our clients at every stage of their commercialisation activities, from the identification of new opportunities and the formation of partnerships and project consortia, to the writing of proposals and the management of projects.

Over the past 23 years, AcrossLimits has been involved in over 80 EU projects, spanning various research domains, including among others: education, eLearning, ICT, robotis, energy, health, entrepreneurship, gender equality and social inclusion. AcrossLimits provides key support in dissemination, exploitation and sustainability activities for these projects, including the commercialisation of research results and the deployment of new technologies. As a result, AcrossLimits is well-connected within the sectors it operates, having built strong networks with ties to leading organisations in Europe and experience operating within and alongside EU agencies and institutions.

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Our Packages

At AcrossLimits, we are dedicated to finding the payment system that suits the individual needs of your organisation. As a result we offer two pricing models depending on the services you require or are willing to explore at any given stage. Through the packages model, we offer distinct packages delineating the requested level of engagement and services provided. If instead you prefer to test the waters before diving into the vast ocean of EU opportunities, we offer a phase-by-phase model, allowing you to pay one step at a time as we take you through the consultancy journey.

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Get in touch with us to learn more about the opportunities available in Europe for you and your organisation, and what we can do to help you take advantage of them.

You can book a one-time free Q&A session with one of our expert consultants, to learn more, or send us an email here to let us know about yourself and see what support we can provide for your unique situation to take you on to the next step of your EU journey!