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Becoming a Woman Coder project awarded « Bonne Pratique » Label

One of our recently completed projects, Becoming a Woman Coder, has recently been awarded the « Bonne Pratique » Label by the Erasmus+ National Agency in France.


The project was targeted at employment counsellors, providing them with tools to encourage women to pursue coding careers. You can read more about the project by checking out the BWC project page on the Erasmus+ website or our articles: Collaboration to increase more women in coding (2021) and Encouraging women to take up coding as a career (2022). You can even try out the tools on the BWC website in English, French, Polish or Finnish.

What is the « Bonne Pratique » or “Good Practice” Label?

The “Good Practice” Label is awarded by Erasmus+ National Agencies to a selection of projects which can be a source of inspiration for other projects due to their high quality and high level of management.

The label is awarded based on 3 main criteria:

  1. The relevance between project results and its objectives
  2. The overall quality of project management and its implementation
  3. The project impacts and results disseminations

You can check out other projects which have been awarded this label here.

AcrossLimits is thrilled to have been part of this project. After two years of hard work and team effort, receiving this recognition is very much appreciated. Well done to our project partners for this achievement!