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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Educational Sector and the Rising Popularity of eLearning Platforms.

With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic causing widespread panic, many areas of one’s daily life such as education and work are being adversely affected. Precautionary measures taken by governments have forced schools, universities and offices to lockdown. Thereby, higher educational institutions are capitalising on the growing trend to seek education and training online by offering their own eLearning courses.


However, it isn’t just the educational institutions which are providing such opportunities. Acrosslimits and Greymatter, led by Angele Giuliano and Kais Badran respectively, are renowned for their years of experience as advisors and consultants for different types of businesses. Both companies provide training courses to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, those already working in business, as well as those who simply possess an interest to further their knowledge and skills. The main purpose of these online courses is to be as diverse as possible in order to meet the needs of those who wish to enrol.


Acrosslimits has contributed to various training projects on a European scale. For instance; the company participated in an EU initiative which has organised online dementia care training courses for nurses. Apart from health, Acrosslimits has also partaken in the provision of projects within the technological, educational and business sectors. Hence, a variety of courses are available which take a modern approach to learning through utilising efficient software programs to educate both trainers and trainees alike. These courses also adhere to the traditional methods of teaching by hosting real-time classes. Such classes provide the opportunity for trainees to come together in order to communicate with their trainer as well as share notes through an effective file-sharing system.


Similarly to Acrosslimits, Greymatter works towards providing the best services to businesses. In fact, it has trained more than 70 of 500 fortune companies across 20 countries. Greymatter also boasts a variety of 65 available training programs, for which the best experts are chosen to lead. Furthermore, it is the company’s belief that such courses be tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. A “one size fits all” approach does not always provide for the best solutions. Therefore, efforts should be made to focus on individual successes. Additionally, Greymatter focuses on training leading figures within various industries. Through enabling business leaders to become more proficient in training, customers will undoubtedly receive top quality services.


So, with no clear signs as to when the virus will cease, educational institutions and workplaces alike may continue to stop functioning. The risk of prolonged stagnation thus looms in the air, yet both Acrosslimits and Greymatter are providing you with solutions. 

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