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Maria Elena Muscat

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Maria Elena is a Project Manager at AcrossLimit. She started her career in the EU funding sector 15+ years ago within the public sector, where she delved into bringing to life the LIFE+ Programme. This led to developing an interest in EU funding, particularly environmental and green projects. Her past roles involved the coordination of Direct Funding Instruments, as well as acting as Malta’s liaison for the Interreg Italia-Malta programme. These roles involved guiding, assisting and mentoring stakeholders, possible partners and others: elements that turned out to be one of her passions. She was also involved in the negotiations and drafting of the new programmes in collaboration with national representatives and managing authorities, as well as European Commission bodies.

Maria Elena is very fond of her family, and her free time is generally taken up running around with her kids. If any time is left, she loves a good read, heartfelt laughter with good friends and savouring good food!