Beth Camilleri - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Beth Camilleri

[email protected]

Ever driven by a passion for art and solving problems in creative and efficient ways, Beth graduated university with a B.Sc. I.T. (Hons.) degree in Artificial Intelligence and an M.Sc. degree in Digital Games, but eventually steered her career back toward her artistic roots through self-directed learning and practice, going from working as a software developer within academia, to working as a game designer, and ultimately, a 2D/concept artist within the mobile games industry.

As a Digital Media Officer at AcrossLimits she designs various kinds of visuals (such as logos and brand identities, social media graphics, websites, and even some game art) across EU projects, proposals, and other endeavours undertaken by the company.

Music is a constant companion in Beth’s work and life – if she’s not singing, playing guitar, or listening to music through a device, rest assured there is still an endless stream of music playing in her head. Outside of work hours, she enjoys indulging in the latest pop culture and entertainment news, immersing herself in a good film, TV show or video game, expressing herself through drawing and digital painting, and dreaming of solving all the world’s problems.