Melisa Mehmet - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Melisa Mehmet

[email protected]

Melisa is a Junior Project Officer at AcrossLimits. Having studied Psychology with Communication at university, she has gained a diverse set of professional skills through various roles in different fields. In her current role, Melisa takes on a wide range of responsibilities related to project management, including managing social media channels for various projects and handling day to day project tasks. Passionate about people and eager to learn, Melisa has a knack for actively listening and helping all those around her to the best of her ability.

Outside of work, Melisa enjoys spending time in nature, whether it’s exploring the beach or hiking in the mountains. She also loves going on long walks with her two dogs (who are both surprisingly determined to finish the trails despite their short legs) and enjoys discovering new recipes and flavours through cooking.