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Europeana Awareness


project acronym: EUROPEANA AWARENESS

project fullname: Europeana Awareness

lifetime: 2012-2014

sector: Digitisation and Digital Libraries

programme: Competitiveness Innovation Programme


email[email protected]

about: Europeana Awareness is a Best Practice Network, led by the Europeana Foundation, designed to:

  • publicise Europeana to users, policy makers, politicians and cultural heritage organisations in every Member State so as to encourage the use and contribution of content, raise awareness of cultural heritage as an economic driver and promote knowledge transfer
  • promote its use by a broad public for a variety of purposes including recreation and hobbies, research, learning, genealogy and tourism – engaging users via usergeneration of content, creation of digital stories and social networking
  • develop new partnerships with 4 key sectors which are currently underexploited by Europeana: public libraries; local archival groups; broadcast organisations andopen culture re-users (programmers, developers, researchers and activists)
  • put in place new distribution channels for Europeana content working with the tourism sector
  • further encourage cultural institutions to continue to provide content in particular by: raising awareness of the opportunities provided by the new Europeana Licensing framework; developing mechanisms for collective rights management; and increasing the amount of content in Europeana that can be freely re-used. A wide variety of media and channels, both online and offline, will be used to ensure promotion of appropriate and consistent messages to different stakeholder groups. The approaches to be used have been chosen so as to align closely with the goals of the Europeana Strategic Plan 2011-15 and include both top-down and bottom–up activities

acrosslimits role: We are the local Maltese partner in charge of the PR campaign in Malta. We have been present at Notte Bianca in Valletta and at the National Book Fair in 2013 as well as running several competitions online on Facebooks and in schools all over the islands.