ESTABLISH - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner



project acronym: ESTABLISH

project fullname: European Science and Technology in Action: Building Links with Industry, Schools and Home

lifetime: 2010-2013

sector: Science Education, ICT in Education, Education and Training

programme: 7th Framework Programme for Research

email[email protected]

about: The overall objective of this project is to facilitate and implement an inquiry-based approach to science education for second level students (age 12-18 years) on a widespread scale across Europe by bringing together, within a collaborative environment, the specific key stakeholders in science education.

The aim of ESTABLISH is to create authentic learning environments for science education by bringing together and involving all the key communities in second level science education. The ESTABLISH group of over 60 partners from 11 European countries are working with these key communities including science teachers and educators, the scientific and industrial communities, the young people and their parents, the policy makers responsible for science curriculum and assessment and the science education research community.

This collaboration has informed the development of the project’s teaching and learning materials as well as educational supports for both in-service and pre-service teacher professional development designed to promote the use of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) in classrooms across Europe.

acrosslimits role: We are the technical partners that have implemented the e-learning platform for the project, including the teaching resources and the internal collaboration area between the partners. We have also disseminated the project ideas with Maltese science teachers and organised in-service training both in Malta and in Ireland for them.