Senfer Usman - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Senfer Usman

[email protected]

Senfer is the Head of Partnerships at AcrossLimits. She has a 15+ year background working in both EU and USAID projects and is also an experienced ICT/Robotics and Coding teacher. She loves block coding and robotics, and has coached her previous school’s LEGO robotics team for three years. Senfer is always ready to learn new things and is passionate about education, ICT, technology and equal rights and opportunities for all. She is a graduate of Brunel University (UK) and University of Essex (UK).

Senfer is a committed vegetarian and loves all animals, especially dogs. She has a love for gardening and can usually be found replanting something in her garden. The rest of her time is usually taken up by her reading the latest paranormal fiction or playing Minecraft Education with her son. Her one vice is coffee and that is non-negotiable, her son will vouch for that fact.