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Munir Mehmet

Munir Mehmet has over 47 years of experience working mainly in energy, finance and project management sectors. Mr Mehmet has served as one of the first EC Task Managers for the Turkish Cypriot community for TAIEX, then continued to take on the role of TAIEX Coordinator within EUPSO (EU Program Support Office). He currently provides Local Venue Support and is a Digital Stage Manager for the TAIEX missions. Mr Mehmet is an expert in the EC efforts and missions in the TCc, liaising with both beneficiary representatives and the EC Task Managers to enable the coordination of the activities. He provides support for the experts in the Green Line Trade missions, accompanying the experts. He has been diligently working within these capacities for years to support the missions for Technical Assistance for Turkish Cypriot community provided to bring them closer to EU norms and regulations. Munir Mehmet has a Post Grad Certificate in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Birmingham and a MSc and a Bsc in Management. Mr Mehmet also has experience designing and delivering management and accounting courses