Jacqueline Bugeja - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Jacqueline Bugeja

[email protected]

Jacqueline is the motor behind all day-to-day operations at AcrossLimits. She deals with all number crunching aspects of projects and clients and everyone, (including Angele!), understands that her word is law when it comes to money.
Her path to working in finance has been an extremely winding one! She originally studied sciences as she wanted to become a doctor of medicine, but she shelved this dream after a while. She then worked with large local organisations like AirMalta and MIM before making AcrossLimits her home.

Her hobbies are mainly reading fantasy books, and crafts – anything from crochet to egg-decorating. She has a number of pets that include tropical fish, water turtles and fresh-water shrimps.