Anna Maria Darmanin - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Anna Maria Darmanin

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Anna Maria works mostly from Brussels although she is also often zooming around different European countries. She focuses on issues related to digital agenda, education, entrepreneurship and social affairs. Anna’s background is quite eclectic having been an entrepreneur herself, with companies in areas related to business management, environmental services and training. She is one of the Maltese representatives in Brussels for the Economic and Social Committee, having also been Vice President for Communications of the same institution for a couple of years. Within AcrossLimits, she helps in the creation and management of projects, whilst doing desk-based research on a multitude of areas. Anna Maria is a fashion guru, with an unmistakable style, and a love for Italian designers, above all others. She is also a commercial skipper and spends a lot of time sailing around islands in the Mediterranean and beyond, whilst dreaming up new ideas for a better world.