Request for Web Developer Services in connection with ITAMA, project C1-1.1-18 under Interreg Italy-Malta 2014-2020 Programme. - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Request for Web Developer Services in connection with ITAMA, project C1-1.1-18 under Interreg Italy-Malta 2014-2020 Programme.

Request for Web Developer Services in connection with ITAMA, project C1-1.1-18 under Interreg Italy-Malta 2014-2020 Programme.

ITAMA is an interdisciplinary project financed by the INTERREG V-A Italia-Malta programme.  The project is under the lead of the Department of Physics and Chemistry of the University of Palermo.  Other partners of this project are the University of Messina, Mater Dei Hospital, the Malta Ministry of Health and AcrossLimits Ltd.


The overall objective of the ITAMA project is to activate a network between research and productive environments in the healthcare sectors to develop innovative ICT Tools for the diagnosis of Autoimmune diseases (MAI) and related technology tool transfer.


As the IT partner for the project, AcrossLimits has already developed a web application to gather data and clinical results related to coeliac disease for children of paediatric age.  Given the current situation created by COVID-19, the project will enhance its functionality by developing a COVID related work package.  This work package will consist of:


  1. A web application based on a set of questions indicated by a medical team with the aim to help users understand if students are fit to attend school on any particular day.
  2. An e-learning platform about COVID-19 symptoms, prevention, hygiene and containment.

The final aim is to reduce cross contagion in schools as far as possible.


AcrossLimits needs to acquire the services of a Web Developer to develop these tools that are to be made available in a responsive format on different equipment like pc, laptop, tablet and mobile.  Both tools shall be made available in Maltese, English and Italian.

1. A web application with the following functions:

  • Login access for parents/educators to the portal with self-registration for account creation;
  • Form with student details (including name, surname, contact email/number, name of school (from a drop-down list);
  • COVID daily-questionnaire system with instant feedback if student is fit for school based on an algorithm inbuilt in the app;
  • The app will interface with a repository system through an API, whereby all data collected will be stored for further processing and statistical purposes;
  • The implementation needs to be fully integrated with the existing ITAMA web application;

2. An e-learning platform based on SCORM technology that will contain information related to COVID-19 with the following functions:

  • Login access with self-registration for account creation;
  • 5-10 modules of learning;
  • Different content type including text, diagrams, videos;
  • Gamification (quizzes/games) at the end of each module;
  • Award/medals at the end of each module;
  • Final certificate of participation for all users;

3. Translation of contents from English to Maltese and Italian

    • The content for both the web application and the e-learning platform shall be delivered by AcrossLimits in English
    • Translation of the contents from English to Maltese and to Italian is to be provided as part of this contract
    • Both tools must be fully developed in all 3 languages (Maltese, English, Italian).  Both the contents and the platform languages must be available accordingly.


The execution of the contract shall be between September 2020 and February 2021.


Specific Activities required from the Web Designer:

      • Gather functional and non-functional requirements of the tools to be developed;
      • Discuss with University of Palermo the API technical specifications and requirements;
      • Provide the components/systems developed in the test environment;
      • Conduct system testing, providing test plans, test cases and relevant testing documentation;
      • Assume a leading role in the implementation of the Solutions;
      • Ensure that the software development, quality management, configuration management and translations are executed in a quality approach that is acceptable to AcrossLimits;
      • Comply with Best Industry Practices and operate with industry leading methodologies and project management techniques;
      • Provide user manual documentation in English, Italian and Maltese;
      • Plan, organise and execute all activities related to the development and implementation of the Solutions;
      • Liaise with the Project Partners as required;
      • Identify and resolve any issues that may affect the successful execution of contractual obligations;
      • Organise and participate in any meetings as may be required and provide documented minutes;
      • Produce and maintain an Implementation Plan to cover all activities;
      • Perform risk management and escalate accordingly to AcrossLimits Project Manager;
      • Perform SW development activities as per AcrossLimits’ business needs;


The right applicant should:

      • Possess the following set of skills:
        • Excellent knowledge of PHP and Angular
        • Knowledge of Web API’s (RESTful)
        • Ability to recreate a GUI environment based on available visual layouts
        • Knowledge of Responsive Design Practices
        • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
        • Fluency in Maltese, English and Italian Language (Preference will be given to applicants with translation services experience)
        • Experience in development of online e-learning platforms (Preference will be given to applicants with knowledge of Edison platform)
      • Provide an application letter including a detailed CV and a Portfolio of works to [email protected];
      • Provide an indicative hourly rate expected for the performance of such services;
      • Provide a cost list of any licenses and other external costs needed for the performance of such services;
      • Have a valid VAT number;
      • Have own IT equipment and Software needed for the project execution (laptop/notebook/etc);
      • During the adjudication period, AcrossLimits will ask all candidates meeting the technical requirements to sit for an ability assessment in the form of a practical task that will be conducted remotely.  This test will have a duration of 3-6 hours.  Applicants will be informed about assessment details via email and results must be submitted within 3 working days from receiving the email. If the test results are not submitted within the specified timeframe, the application will not be considered any further;


What AcrossLimits offers:

      • A welcoming working environment within a friendly and collaborative young team;
      • A Project Manager to support with any project issues along the execution;
      • Upon contract signature, AcrossLimits will agree with the applicant upon a fixed hourly rate for the services requested. The hourly rate will be based on experience and practical assessment results. The developer must provide timely monthly invoices based on timesheets with details of worked hours per day for the previous month.  Regular monthly payments will be affected every end of month as follows:
        • 90% of the monthly invoice will be paid at the end of the following month
        • 10% balance of each monthly invoice will be retained until the official finalization of the contracted work
        • Once the project is finalised, the retained balance shall be paid to the contractor as a lump sum against invoice


Deadline for applications:

Applications will be accepted until 21st August 2020.  Queries should be addressed to [email protected].