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PRISM – Quantum Communications Network Across Malta

In June 2019, the EuroQCI declaration was signed, with the aim of building a secure quantum communication infrastructure spanning the whole EU, including its overseas territories. In light of this objective being set, the PRISM project, which is funded under the Digital Europe programme, is building a quantum-secured network across Malta which can simply slt into the EuroQCI secure communications infrastructure as part of the puzzle.

The project outlines how a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) can be implemented in Malta, including the strategic locations/placement of QCI nodes and technologies that must be deployed, as well as use cases.

Representation above taken from the PRISM website

The first quantum technologies SME in Malta will work with the University of Malta, private entities and public authorities to focus on the last mile integration needed to bring quantum key distribution to end users in a convenient, secure and standards-compliant way.

The consortium is made up of various leaders in their respective sectors on a national level:

The project aims to make accessible quantum key distribution systems that are self-contained, trustworthy, and ideally poised to be rolled out throughout international markets.

A seminar was organised in November at the University of Malta to introduce the project to the public, followed by a public demonstration of the quantum key distribution technology in January. Here the PRISM team established a quantum communications network between the Faculty of ICT and the Optics Lab in the Department of Physics where the technology could be observed in operation.

Quantum communications seem to be the safest, fastest way of communicating and PRISM is putting down the foundations for the Maltese Islands. To learn more and stay up to date, follow PRISM on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram, subscribe to the PRISM YouTube channel and check out their website for updates and news about the project.