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project acronym: OpenIoT

project fullname: Open Source blueprint for large scale self-organizing cloud environments for IoT applications

lifetime: 2012-2014

sector: Smart Cities and Renewable Energies, Mobile Application

programme: 7th Framework Programme for Research

email[email protected]

about: OpenIoT creates an open source middleware for getting information from sensor clouds, without having to worry about what exact sensors are used.

OpenIoT explores efficient ways to use and manage cloud environments for IoT “entities” and resources (such as sensors, actuators and smart devices) and offering utility-based (i.e. pay-as-you-go) IoT services.

OpenIoT will provide instantiations of cloud-based and utility-based sensing services enabling the concept of “Sensing-as-a-Service”, via an adaptive middleware framework for deploying and providing services in cloud environments

acrosslimits role: We have a major role in dissemination and exploitation especially with regards to involving SMEs in the results of the project. We are also building one of the demonstrators – the Silver Angel – that helps elderly live safer in smart cities.