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project acronym: NEWBEE

project fullname: Novel Business model generator for Energy Efficiency in construction and retrofitting

lifetime: 2012-2015

sector: Smart Cities and Renewable Energies

programme: 7th Framework Programme for Research


email[email protected]

about: The NewBEE project will develop a system enabling SMEs to generate New performance based Business models for cost and Energy Efficient construction works with special incidence in retrofitting.

NewBEE system will be composed of:

  • NewBEE methodology: Methodology and working handbook
  • NewBEE ICT platform: Set of ICT toolsThe main innovation of NewBEE comes from the seamless integration from the first time, of all actors in the value chain of energy efficiency in construction industry (paying special attention to the retrofitting works where most of the savings in energy efficiency can be achieved) by the use of a new working methodology fitted to the new paradigm efficiently supported by an ICT set of tools.Another important innovative issue is the creation of a system which benefit from the previous knowledge in order to enabling SMEs to find an easy way of generating new business opportunities and also provide them the means to develop them.

acrosslimits role: We are assisting in the development of the financial part of the business modelling and also leading exploitation of results by creating the Plan of Use and Dissemination of Foreground.