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Getting the knack of Proposal Writing

You know how to propose the right things… But do you know how to write a proposal?

Sometimes it’s as difficult trying to sum up what you need to say in a limited amount of words, as much as it can be difficult to write enough words about what you’re trying to say. Applying for EU Funds is no easy feat, as it is highly competitive, and nearly all EU programs have a high evaluation approval criteria. Therefore it is important to focus on these three words: WHY, WHAT, and HOW. Why am I looking for a grant? What value am I creating through this idea that I have? How will I use the resources that I’m given? 

By focusing on these questions, you will make sure that your content is relevant and does not veer away from its point or purpose. Keep in mind who will be reading your proposal — expert evaluators who only want to read information and data that is related to your project. 

Study the call’s guidelines. 

The guidelines will list the priorities that need to be addressed, the application template and the evaluation guide. The call will provide all the context and background that is relevant, and by taking the time to re-read the guidelines in between writing, you will make sure to stay on topic and hit the right objectives. The application template will also be a good indication of how your writing should be structured, and which points are more important than others. It will remind you that you should start from the WHY and WHAT before moving onto the HOW. Finally, by following the template logic, you will ensure that you have a clear description of your plan’s main requirements, and make it easier for the evaluators to understand the idea that you’re trying to get across. 

Understand the evaluation report

The evaluation report is conducted in a very specific manner. Keep in mind that points are awarded per section, and not on the overall project. Therefore it is important to make sure that each section is getting the optimal amount of attention in order to tick the right boxes. Scores that are given range from 0-5, with the maximum score being 15, unless a weighting is applied. In order for the proposal to be considered, each section must score above the minimum amount of points assigned to each section. You may find more information on the EU Funding and Opportunities Portal. 

Do you want to submit a proposal but need guidance?

AcrossLimits has been working with EU projects and tenders for twenty years, and has a dedicated team of experts that guide proposal writing and help companies and organizations apply for EU Funds. If you would like to learn more about its projects, you may visit or contact AcrossLimits directly on [email protected]