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AcrossLimits: Your Experts for EU Opportunities & Innovation.

At AcrossLimits, we strive to build a connection between companies and Europe, and help businesses grow through funding, procurement, export, networking and more. We are experts in research and innovation, with successful projects in all areas of technology.

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We provide specialist consultancy services to introduce clients to opportunities in Europe, helping them to secure funding for EU projects and tenders, as well as opening doors within the EU through the vast network and reputation that AcrossLimits has built over decades on the European stage. We specialise in helping research entities take their results to market.

Technology Projects

We have participated in 80+ EU projects as technical partners, creating digital platforms, leading dissemination efforts, or by providing our expertise for sustainability and exploitation activities. Our experience in EU projects ranges across diverse fields including eLearning, education, health, robotics, energy, entrepreneurship, gender equality, and social inclusion.


Our team is experienced in delivering and supporting online and face-to-face training courses through AcrossLimits' training branch TrainingMalta(c). The TrainingMalta platform offers a variety of professional online courses, and educators and organisations are given the opportunity to host their own courses on our platform.


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At AcrossLimits you will always have the full support of our dynamic core team. We bridge together specialised expertise from diverse fields, making sure you always have the support you need. Exploring opportunities in Europe can be daunting and confusing, but with our team behind you, it will be fun and exciting. Every member of the AcrossLimits family is prepared to meet the style and needs specific to you and your organisation, and is happy to help you on your journey.

We are also proud to be a multicultural, multilingual company, bringing together individuals from all over the world, making us all the more open to international collaboration. Our strong network, which we have built over the last 23 years, includes 50+ experts stretching across a wide range of disciplines, who are ready to give you the support you need for any project you would like to take to the European stage.

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Do you want to find out about the opportunities available in Europe for you and your organisation? Do you want to get a technology or innovative project idea funded? Are you competing for research grants but struggling to crack the code for getting accepted? We want to hear from you!

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