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Project Acronym: WINBLUE

Project Full Name: Empowering Women and Mainstreaming Gender Equality in the Blue Economy.

Project Number: 101112278

Duration: 2023-2025

Programme: EMFAF


Project website: ​​ 


Project Description: WINBLUE is a sustainability-oriented multi-actor project aiming to reduce inequalities and promote equality between men and women in five sectors of the EU Blue Economy. For this purpose, the project launches 5 sectoral WINBLUE labs to involve a relevant community of stakeholders in the design and implementation of tailored gender equality plan models that address unconscious, gender-biased dynamics thwarting the participation of women in the blue economy and their representation in decision-making positions in public and private entities. This activity is supported by implementing coaching programs that enhance those entrepreneurial good practices that engage female human capital, drive competitiveness and strengthen R&I undertakings.

Our Role: AcrossLimits is leading the biggest WP: WP3  STRENGTHEN & CONSOLIDATE – Upgrading skills in technical, management, and sustainable business: supporting women’s participation in governance structures. We will lead in the development and piloting of Gender Equality Plan Models, a train-the-trainer course, coaching program, and toolkit of resources.


University of Siena (Italy)

Biochica Srl (Italy)

The National Institute of Biology (Slovenia)

ISDI Group Ltd (Malta)

EUKNOW SPRL (Belgium) 

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (Spain)

The Atlantic Cities Association (France)

La Communauté d’Agglomération de La Rochelle (France)

Gijón City Council (Spain)

Italian National Association of Seafood Companies (Italy)

AcrossLimits (Malta)

The National Association Of Canned Fish And Seafood Manufacturers-National Technical Center For Canning Of Fishery Products (Spain)

The Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria)

Coordinator: CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy)