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Becoming a Woman Coder

Project Acronym: BWC
Project Full Name: Becoming a Woman Coder
Duration: 24 months
Sector: Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education
Programme: Erasmus Plus – Strategic Partnerships
About: “Becoming a Woman Coder” aims at creating an online training platform for professionals working in structured support networks to help women find employment. This platform should enable them to support unemployed or low-qualified women to consider the coding profession as a possible retraining path. It will be used by the core and the educational targets.
Firstly, the project will define the factors motivating unemployed and/or low-qualified women and women in precarious employment to retrain towards the coding profession, what advantages they find in that field of work, comparing the situation in 4 European countries: Finland, France, Malta and Poland. For this purpose, the project will collect testimonials of retrained women to provide the richest qualitative learnings for the training tools that will be developed as a second stage.
Secondly, based on this information, the project will build an digital toolkit, which will host a variety of training tools:
– an educational cartoon to tackle clichés about coding jobs
– a series of mini-videos to show the reality of coding as a job, through the eyes of women that were unemployed or low-qualified before becoming professional coders
– an e-learning module for employment professionals to help them in guiding women towards
programming and coding professions and providing them every day useful tools
– a serious game: work situations to learn good practices to ensure successful retraining of women that want to become coders
– a toolbox to enhance the significance and recognition of these specific competencies for integration professionals.