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Become an Expert

AcrossLimits boasts of a highly-skilled core team, committed to delivering quality work. We also engage a pool of over 50 experts in specific sectors to ensure the highest of standards. See our current experts here. We offer resources for our experts and also host an optional webinar every two months for all our experts and partners, where we communicate updates and advice on upcoming EU opportunities, which also gives participants an opportunity to network with each other.

How does the collaboration happen?

(1) First off, we would ask you to define your areas of expertise and interest, as this will allow us to understand which tenders you would be interested in, and which we can apply for. You may start the process by filling in this application form.

(2) Once you have been selected as an eligible expert, in order to apply for tenders, we would need to send over collective CVs of our collaborators. We cannot do this without your permission, and therefore would ask you to sign a 12-month contract that allows us to apply for tenders using your CV. This flexibility will help us to quickly answer tenders, and know our costs in advance. You will always be advised when we have applied for a tender, and the contract does not mean that you are tied to the project, simply that we have permission to use your CV.

(3) Once we have applied for a tender, we will notify you, and from there you can decide whether this project would be of interest to you or not. 

Apply to become an expert

The work involved varies according to the type of project that is applied for, and this can include desk research, market studies, guideline development, policy development, workshop animation, mentoring, coaching, training, report writing, and so on. The EU or International tenders that we will be bidding into will provide consultancy services in one of the thematic areas, which can be remote or on site depending on the contract requirements. 

Finally, the business model will consist of payment according to your daily rates. Here we will estimate the number of days needed to complete the project, and assign a flat rate based on proof of experience within the sector. 

Experts do not incur any monetary fees for this collaboration — you will get paid for the work you do. In cases where you fail to deliver work on time there might be penalties as these could be imposed on us by the tenders, but you would be advised in each and every case.

If you are interested in applying to become an expert, you are encouraged to fill in this form.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.