RISE - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner


Project Acronym: RISE

Project Full Name: Raising Inclusion and Skills in Employment

Project Number: 2021-2-NL02-KA210-YOU-000048493

Duration: 2022-2023

Sector: Cooperation partnerships in youth

Programme: Erasmus Plus

Project Description: The mismatch between current job openings and young people in Europe can be attributed to a lack of knowledge from both sides of the needs and skills available. Most youths lack the soft skills to present themselves to employers and conversely employment agencies and youth workers do not always understand the potential the youths in front of them have. RISE aims to not only improve communication between youths and potential employers but also to give the tools to gauge social skills and aptitudes better. RISE will address the above by implementing a new method and platform to help the employability of young people. Pilots within the 3 partner countries with youth workers and  employment agencies will help train them to recognise the potential in young people and offer them a pathway to explore and present themselves better. Workshops with youth workers, an online training curriculum and digital materials will help the employment agents improve their success in placing youths in better jobs more suited to them. A short study on the youth employment challenges in the 3 partner countries will be delivered. 20 youth workers will be trained as multipliers that will go back to their agencies and help improve the skills of their colleagues that are also working with young people. The RISE project will also impact the youths in achieving better employment opportunities to be more confident in their skills and to ensure equal opportunities for all. 

Our Role: AcrossLimits is the lead partner in the 2 work packages Market Study, and Quality Control and Evaluation of the Process. The market study will be conducted to better identify the current situation facing youths in the partner countries and Europe when it comes to youth and work prospects. The result of this activity will be a report with findings and conclusions shared on both social media and also in other channels. AcrossLimits is also the lead in the Control and Evaluation Process work package that will ensure that all activities involved with the project are delivered to the highest quality.


Stichting UIF – Universal Interaction Foundation (Netherlands)

AcrossLimits (Malta)

Instituto IKIGAI (Spain)

Coordinator: Stichting UIF – Universal Interaction Foundation