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Zafer Babür

Accomplished executive with experience in digital transformation, innovative solutions, product & service developments, programme management, with demonstrated expertise in energy, banking, factoring, insurance, leasing, payment systems, telecommunications, media, broadcasting, higher education, health, logistics and air transportation verticals. Proven track record in holdings, start-ups, revenue generation (new products, deeper customer insights, price optimization, operations optimization, up-sell), cost reduction (streamlining, automating operations, redeploy resources, contracts, SLA, outsourcing) customer satisfaction and loyalty (smoother process flows, less cumbersome interactions, faster processing times), time to market (Increase cycle time, reduce time to market for new digital features and functions), marketing & sales, innovation, business development, R&D ( codex, hardware, finapps, tasdix) , crisis management, as well as developing teams in multicultural markets with sensitivity and respect for diversity. A strong analytical background, with an ability to synthesize very large amount of information in complex environments to identify root causes and develop recommendations, product/ programme/ upper management background, finance, sales & marketing expertise, business and labor laws & regulations literate along with strong presentation, written-verbal communication and inter-personal skills.