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Steve Robertshaw

[email protected]

Steve is old. And grumpy. The first computers he got his hands on were not PCs. The first code he cut was not even OO. Since then he has gone from pseudo code and writing compilers to developing technology policy and technology strategy at the national and international levels.

Steve has worked in academia, small business, large business and government long enough to know that he does not like politics of any kind. He originates from the north of England where words are precious and used sparingly and questions receive short, sometimes blunt, answers. If you don’t like what you hear, he is more than happy to debate with you. And even if there’s a gang of you, he is stupid enough to not back down if he believes that right is on his side. This mix of personality disorders means that clients often call on Steve to solve
thorny problems.

Steve currently focuses on three main technical areas: High Performance Computing, Artificial intelligence & Machine Reasoning, and Novel Software Architectures. He is regularly appointed by the EC in expert roles for these areas. He also knows a thing or two about Cyber Security, Informatics and Technology Transfer. He is a business mentor. His hobby is Ontology, even the misguided forms. His heroes are WVO Quine, CS Pierce and Noam Chomsky.

Steve doesn’t care if he is colour coordinated or not, he cuts his hair when it annoys him, and only sometimes irons his shirts. Unable to safely climb mountains and run marathons any more, Steve spends his spare time listening to dreadful music, eating curry and sitting in traffic jams.