Serhat Tunar - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Serhat Tunar

With over 10 years of professional expertise, Serhat excels as a consultant in SME support and business development, specialising in market research, project management and strategic planning. His track record includes securing contracts exceeding 10 million EUR from prestigious donors such as the FCDO, GIZ, EU, World Bank, and UNDP. He has spearheaded strategic initiatives across diverse sectors, expanding market presence and boosting revenue streams for SMEs/private sector companies globally.

Serhat’s advisory services encompass business development, planning, marketing, and entrepreneurship, resulting in enhanced visibility and connectivity for client companies. Through targeted promotional activities and networking events, he has cultivated extensive international networks, facilitating collaborations and trade promotion across various countries.

Notably, Serhat has pioneered successful market entry strategies and provided invaluable insights to senior management, contributing to informed decision-making and sustained organisational growth.