James Deguara - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

James Deguara

James has developed and implemented large, complex IT systems in multiple industries specialising in the Agriculture and Healthcare sectors. This has included implementing systems in highly regulated compliance environments such as the NHS in the UK and HIPPA compliance in the US. This has often required James to work within complex multi-vendor environments while maintaining a focus on value and end user benefits while satisfying predefined KPIs set at the program level.

One project in particular included the implementation of a system to allow Maltese farmers to apply for state and EU subsidies. This project was delivered on time and to budget using a third party vendor to implement the requirements for EU subsidies for agricultural activity as well as support for rural development projects.

All this was completed in an election year and the accompanying pressure this brought. In the Healthcare sector, James has delivered and managed a whole suite of software/hardware products, as well as developing a solution to track medical records around the hospital campus.