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Iacopo Borsi

Iacopo Borsi has more than 18 years of experience in modelling industrial and environmental processes, and is currently the Senior Environmental Modeler at TEA SISTEMI. He is in charge of environmental data analysis, modelling, and is the project manager of R&D projects (national and international). Iacopo is developing ICT, GIS-integrated, environmental modelling tools (water resources estimation, wastewater treatment, air pollution, risk assessment, etc.) that are connected to real-time sensing technologies and relational databases. Specifically, his skills lay in: (A) scientific programming for environmental data processing, even those GIS-embedded (he is the author of QGIS plugins for data analysis and numerical modelling), (B) modelling hydrological/hydrogeological processes (hydrological modelling, climate data analysis, groundwater flow and solute transport) and; (C) modelling impact and risk probability of hazard accidents in industrial plants.