Debamita Chatterjee - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner

Debamita Chatterjee

Debamita’s expertise stems from research-backed knowledge in various domains of science and technology, both on a macro and micro level. She is a deeply analytical person, with strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Debamita has over ten years of research and project experience, and studied for a PhD followed by a post-doc stint at Harvard Medical School. Some of her specializations include technology innovation assessment, and development (consisting of ideation, conception, iteration and validation). She is skilled in the strategic commercialization of projects on a global scale, with major expertise in healthcare and medtech, including NYAS STEM projects, an MIT series of healthcare innovation events, the European Commission sponsored COVID19 healthcare platform, and the OHSU healthcare challenge. She has advised European SMEs in translating healthcare or medical concepts and products into commercial ventures, and taken on various business development roles in a leading Indo-US medical devices and diagnostics firm. Debamita was selected as part of MIT consulting to work with a Boston-based biotech company, and used the Harvard Business Incubator to work on products related to cancer and immunology.