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Azhan Hazan

Azhan Hasan is based out of Malaysia, and is currently researching and studying at the Environmental Policy Research Center at Freie University, in Berlin Germany. In addition to this, he teaches at the University Teknologi PETRONAS, which is one of the leading research universities in Malaysia. Azhan is a perceptive man, who has honed talent, dedication, flexibility, passion, resourcefulness, and the ability to work in a team, amongst other abilities, over the years. He is committed to seeking truth in each and every area of his life, whether it is in learning, in the discussion of philosophy, or with his fellow colleagues and students. Azhan believes in capitalizing on the opportunities he is given, and always offers his opinions and ideas in research projects. He is well-organized, and has published numerous papers on Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Environmental Governance, Learning Interventions, Application of Societal Change Theory in Energy, Food Security, and Environment. His vast research experience has allowed him to take on various roles as advisor, reviewer, knowledge board member, and strategist in many organizations, institutions and committees.