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Arnas Lasys

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Arnas is a Technical Writer at AcrossLimits. He comes from a diverse academic background, having a Bachelor of Science in Politics and International Relations from the University of London, and also an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing. This led him to take a variety of occupations, ranging from social media manager in the private and voluntary sector, policy writer, a freelance marketing consultant, and business journalist.

He has also volunteered as a project manager and communications officer for local non-profit charities in Malta focused on addressing poverty and social exclusion of vulnerable youths and elderly.

He’s not particularly picky on what projects he likes to work on, taking on each new field as a challenge and opportunity to learn. However if he had to choose he’s keen on projects addressing social inequality, citizen empowerment, FinTech and other emerging technologies.

In his free time, Arnas likes to take the opportunity to tend to his plants, partake in some home improvement, catch up on his reading, and see if there’s any way he can get his cat and dog to get along.