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Alim Sancar

[email protected]

Alim is a Junior Partnerships Officer at AcrossLimits, and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, specialising in social psychology and LGBTI+ issues. She brings a wealth of experience from academia, where she served as both a student and a research assistant. She found her way to AcrossLimits through her background in volunteer work and youth leadership which have shaped her passion for communicating with others and effecting social change.

Outside of work, she indulges her perpetual curiosity by reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and experimenting with new recipes. During her downtime, she enjoys solving puzzles, playing video games and caring for her plants. Valuing her relationships, she prioritises quality time with loved ones. She has a strong desire to explore diverse cultures through travel but finds herself torn between this aspiration and her urge to invest time and resources into her own Lego empire.