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Alex Camilleri

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Originally coming from a scientific background, Alex was studying to become a doctor but felt called onto a different path. The process of self-discovery led him down many different and seemingly disconnected avenues — from studying commerce and trying to start his own business, to working in letting, and even joining the Armed Forces as an officer cadet. This winding journey helped Alex realise his true passion in life; to write and learn as much as possible about the world around him. Which is why he found a perfect home for himself at AcrossLimits. Alex has always had a knack for writing, but not easily satisfied with purely artistic pursuits, you’ll usually find him reading up on history, science and philosophy, or else catching up on the latest sci-fi epic. Alex is a firm believer in trying new things and striving to achieve one’s fullest potential, but more importantly in being adventurous and finding joy in the unknown and unattempted.