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Milena Georgieva

Milena is an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She holds MSc in Cellular Biology and PhD in Molecular Biology. Milena has specialised in Genetics and Epigenetics in France. She gained knowledge in the Biology of ageing at ICGEB, Italy.

Milena has a vast scientific publication record in peer-reviewed journals. Her interests are ageing and longevity, Biotechnology and Nanomedicine. She has experience in numerous projects funded by local and EU research agencies, NATO – Science for Peace and Security and the World Federation of Scientists.

Milena is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the FEBS society and the International Union of Clinical Epigenetics. She is also an Advisory Board member of M3 Communications Group, Inc and a consultant at the Enago Academy for academic development. Milena is an Advisory Body Member at Livento. The company aims at providing smart solutions in healthcare and longevity.