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Reading Early School Leaving Signals

Project Acronym: RESCUE
Project Full Name: Reading Early School Leaving Signals
Duration: 2016-2019
Sector: Education and Training
Programme: ERASMUS + KA2

Project Number:: 2016-1-RO01-KA201-024523
Email: [email protected]
About:This project intends to invest in teachers as the front line soldiers in this common fight against ESL. It will support schools to tackle ESL through improving teachers’ individual skills, improving their collaboration internally as well as with students, with parents and other community stakeholders, in a collaborative and holistic approach. This project aims at supporting the school, as an institutional stakeholder, to take a bolder and more assertive role in this effort to prevent ESL in the community and to proactively reach out to the other stakeholders when the situation of risk arises.
Acrosslimits’ Role: Acrosslimits is the technical partner in this project and will design the logo, create and maintain the website. Acrosslimits will also initiate and handle social media accounts and develop an electronic database to be used as a repository.