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Reshaping Life in a Generous Country

Project Acronym: NEWLIFE
Project Full Name: Reshaping Life in a Generous Country
Duration: 24 months (2017-2019)
Sector: Life long learning/integration
Programme: Erasmus Plus РStrategic Partnerships
Project Number: 2017-1-TRO1-KA204-046155
Email: [email protected]
About: In order for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants to be included in society and to continue their lives in hosting countries, they must improve their level of language. The proposed project aims to improve and expand the supply of high quality learning opportunities to individual low-skilled or low qualified women refugees so they acquire literacy and digital competences through the validation of skills acquired through formal and informal learning, especially in language and digital skills.
AcrossLimits’ Role: Acrosslimits is in charge of piloting the language course in Malta and on all the social media portals, and the overall dissemination of the project.