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ICT Tools for Diagnosis of Autoimmune Disease Coeliac

Project Acronym: ITAMA

Project Full Name: ICT Tools for Diagnosis of Autoimmune Diseases in the Mediterranean Area

Duration: 2018-2020

Sector: eHealth

Programme: Italia-Malta Interreg 2014-2020

Email: [email protected]


About: The main focus of the project is the creation of a database and innovative ICT Tools to support the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, in this case focusing on coeliac disease and the implementation of Technology Transfer services of these ICT tools towards SME’s. The ambitious project aims to screen over 22,000 children from Malta and Sicily in order to validate a new testing kit for coeliac disease and an AI-based Decision Support System to be able to help medical professionals in their diagnoses. The partners of this project are the Mater Dei Hospital and AcrossLimits from Malta and the University of Palermo and Messina from Sicily in collaboration also with the Sicilian Regional Authority for Health.


Acrosslimits’ Role: AcrossLimits is the communication leader and one of the technical partners in this project who will build the Graphical User Interface to be used both by medical professionals and policy makers on the Decision Support System software. In addition, AcrossLimits will push the exploitation and potential commercialisation of the software developed.