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project acronym: iSMART

project fullname: Smart Technology Solutions for Children with Dyslexia

lifetime: 2013-2015

sector: ICT in Education, Mobile Application, Education and Training

programme: Life Long Learning Programme


email:¬†[email protected]

about: iSmart project aims to digitally expand the dyslexic pupils memory. To reach this objective the project aims at developing a software that enables transfer of text and other study materials from the classroom to a smart device that the student have access to.

Interactive learning approaches and classroom smartboards combined with personal light yet powerful tablet computers will facilitate learning in the classroom while improving by large the learning possibilities and motivation for students who find their learning life difficult due to the complications being presented by the condition of dyslexia.

iSmart project proposes the use of smart ICT based tools (such as smart phones, tablets and smart boards) for all levels of formal, non-formal and informal learning exercises.

ICT is a key tool to help dyslexic learners in the classroom in both learning and teaching experiences as well as accessing or recording written information.

acrosslimits role: We are the workpackage leaders for the initial analysis and research of current aids used for dyslexic students and also part of the technical team developing the solution to be used in classes and at home with the students, teachers and parents.