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IPRA Thought Leadership Webinar

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Pre-Qualification Form for EU Engagement 2022

Private and Confidential

Are you experiencing the lack of ability or funds to establish or upscale your company or project expansion and reach?


We seek to engage with the decision makers of your registered company/organisation, university, charity or cause on a journey to discover how to qualify to join the EU in an accurate, fast and easy way. Not only will you have direct access to 1000 bids a day, you will also be able to:

  • Connect correctly to the powerhouse that is the EU
  • Shape and identify your areas and targets for the best potential
  • Explore how your project can best win contracts, bids, and/or tenders
  • Simplify and make easy the selection of precise pathways for engagement with the EU
  • Move your company / organisation, university, or charity from where it is now, to being empowered with new options for funding and support

First Step:

Fill in the below Pre-Qualification form

Second Step:

A conversation will follow to clarify what your wants and needs are and what we believe is the best option for you.

Third Step:

We send you an offer letter stating the best route to qualify you for consideration to join the EU.

Fourth Step:

A contract is signed, and formal registrations begin with a 20 year EU subject expert with a range of over 50 industry experts to smoothly guide your journey.


All information sent will be treated as confidential and not shared with third parties. Jasper Alliance London and AcrossLimits both comply with the relevant privacy laws (GDPR) in UK and in the EU. More information on our privacy policy can be found here