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Introducing a new game by AcrossLimits: Seasons

Have you ever felt daunted by the complexities of EU funding, unsure how they work or how to get involved? That issue is exactly what we tackle with our first entry into game development: Seasons. Through the game, we demystify the abstract concepts and processes of EU funding in an engaging and interactive way, while showcasing how our company can help you bring your ideas to light.

Seasons is an educational browser-based platformer that can be played through any device the player feels most comfortable with, be it a desktop computer, phone or tablet. It takes players through three levels, across three different seasons, demonstrating the lifecycle of EU proposal conceptualisation, preparation and implementation.

Players have the opportunity to play as one of four of the company’s figures. Throughout the game, players will need to secure ‘proposal files’, dodge and jump across obstacles, and most importantly answer a series of questions related to EU funding projects and the company. By answering the questions, they’ll be tested on what they know so far, and are given further context to expand their understanding, whether they get it right or wrong. If a player answers a question incorrectly or falls for one of the traps, then they are sent back to the latest checkpoint. 

The first level of the game is on EU funds and project development takes place in a Summer setting, giving players a foundation of relevant knowledge. The second one takes place in an Autumn setting, and concerns the next stage of a proposal’s lifespan, which is EU Proposal Writing. The third and final level of the game takes place in a Winter setting, and surrounds the topic of what happens once a proposal is funded, aptly named EU Project Implementation.

By blending educational content with interactive elements and a progression system, the information is learned at a faster rate, especially when compared to simply reading the information out of a bland document.

In fact, a study on game-based learning revealed that post-training self-efficacy was 20% higher, declarative knowledge was 11% higher, procedural knowledge was 14% higher, and retention was 9% higher for trainees taught with games compared to those who weren’t.

The IT and Digital Media Development department of AcrossLimits is consistently exploring the boundaries of its capabilities by venturing into new solutions and experimenting with novel ways of delivering valuable content. The team behind the game includes Leonardo Pristera as its Game Developer, Emanuele Pristera as the Game Designer and Rebecca Zammit as Content Developer.

The game was created with the use of Gdevelop, while custom sprites were made with the use of Photoshop.

During the development process, initially the game only had a Christmas level, however as more content and levels were added, two more seasons were included to the game. With Spring  yet to be added, it is possible that the game could be expanded further, giving players the experience of all seasons.

This is not the only game AcrossLimits is looking to have within its portfolio. The IT and Digital Media Development department is also hard at work at developing a top-down game which will be showcased as soon as it is ready. As the company continues to grow and expand its capabilities, it will continue providing a broad-scope of solutions.

Here at AcrossLimits we have over 20 years of experience in funding, with participating in 80+ successful EU projects to date. We have a dedicated team of experts from a broad range of sectors that can guide proposal writing and help you apply for EU funds. We are also well-connected with industry, academia and public authorities across Europe and beyond, making sure that we can bring together the perfect consortium for your project.

If you have an idea for a project and would like to explore EU-funding opportunities and would like some guidance, then get in touch with AcrossLimits at [email protected]