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Project Acronym: FINE 

Project Full Name: Fintech Investor Network and Ecosystem

Project Number: 101113607

Duration: 2023-2025

Programme: Horizon – HORIZON-EIE-2022-SCALEUP-02

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Project Description: FINE aims to create more inclusive and connected networks between Fintech ecosystems on a local and international level, by promoting collaboration between investors through coinvestment for Fintech startups. FINE will promote an inclusive investment ecosystem, by creating educational material on an online InvestorAcademy that empowers new investors, young investors, and women and minority investors to learn investment fundamentals and case-specific knowledge about investing in Fintech. FINE will actively manage community-building activities between investors and local networks across countries by developing a matchmaking tool and animating introductions, events, workshops, webinars and other activities.

Our Role: AcrossLimits is supporting the dissemination WP and leading the task related to exploitation and sustainability planning. AcrossLimits is also leading a task aiming to establish and coordinate a team of high profile individuals in the Fintech investment sphere to serve as Ambassadors for the Fintech Ambassador Network. Within the project AcrossLimits will furthermore help to map the investor ecosystem in Malta, Cyprus and Greece, and will also support the creation of the educational course materials.


F6S Network Ireland (Ireland)

CrowdfundingHub (Netherland)

AcrossLimits (Malta)

Impulse4Women (Spain)

The Fintech Corridor CLG (Ireland)

Romanian Fintech Association (Romania)

Truffle Capital (France)

Coordinator: Finance Innovation / Paris Europlace (France)