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Eureka network projects: Supporting international industry-led R&D

Established in 1985,  Eureka aims to foster competitiveness and market integration and to encourage R&D cooperation. Over the years, the programme has expanded the number of eligible countries from 18 to 47 (in Europe and beyond), all of which share the same goals and provide national funding to organisations who apply through the Eureka programmes. 

Why Eureka?

  1. Provides access to public funding
  2. Drives international collaboration
  3. Boosts expansion into new markets
  4. Offers personalised advice

Read more about why you should choose Eureka here: 

Types of programmes

Eureka offers tailored programmes in order to support international industry-led R&D.


One of the unique aspects of Eureka is that funding rules and open calls differ per country. 

There are wide variations between countries regarding:

  1. Eligibility of non-SMEs (typically research institutions/Universities).
  2. Co-financing rates offered to all organisations.
  3. Budget configuration requirements (e.g. % or maximum of total project costs that must go for an SME in that country).
  4. Whether there is national funding for the particular deadline, and if so, how much is available.

This means that if you are thinking of building a consortium in preparation for a call, you need to ensure that you have considered each country’s funding rules and you need to check that a particular country is actually eligible for the call.

One way of doing so is by choosing the option “In your country” under the subheading “Our Programmes” and selecting the country you are interested in. This will direct you to the country-specific page.

Funding bodies

The Eureka website allows you to view all the national and regional funding bodies which you can contact if you are thinking about applying for funds.

Clicking on a specific country will redirect you to the website of the relevant funding body.

You can access the full list here: 

Open calls

You can access currently open calls here:

Always make sure you have the correct country selected since calls are not always open for each country. The platform also allows you to filter the calls by programme.

These are 2 calls which may be of interest to SMEs hoping to submit later this year or early next year:

  1. Eurostars call for R&D and Innovation projects (SEP 2023) – Deadline 14th September 2023. This type of call is issued every 6 months, allowing you to plan in advance. You can check out the March 2024 call here: Eurostars call for R&D and Innovation projects (MAR 2024)
  2.  Innowwide call for Market Feasibility projects – Deadline 17th October 2023.

At AcrossLimits we write Eurostars proposals for our clients every 6 months. If you are interested in our services, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can discuss how to help you.