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Benefit from the European Union with AcrossLimits

AcrossLimits is a dynamic company primarily based in Malta, offering European solutions for technology, innovation, funding, networking, commercialisation and more. Our experience with EU opportunities makes us the go-to partner for specialist consultancy services for clients all over Europe.

AcrossLimits was founded over 20 years ago in 2001 as a creative technology company, solving problems through ICT. Over the years the company has gained significant experience in international opportunities in the EU, and built a reputation for itself in Europe — forming strong networks through its participation in over 70 EU projects in  diverse fields that include eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, education, health, robotics, energy, entrepreneurship, gender equality and social inclusion. AcrossLimits has been the technical partner in charge of creating digital online platforms; a leader in dissemination efforts; and the advisor on sustainability and exploitation activities. 

As exploring opportunities in Europe can be daunting and confusing, the company also offers its experience to companies, academic institutions, public bodies and other organisations, and is supporting them to learn about, and tap into, the vast opportunities available to them by providing quality specialist consulting services. 

AcrossLimits is proud to be a multicultural, multilingual company, bringing together individuals from all over the world, making it all the more open for international collaboration. Apart from our dynamic core team, the company has a strong network of 50+ experts in a wide range of disciplines, who are ready to give you the support you need for any project you would like to take to the European stage.

With our team behind you, it will be fun and exciting. Every member of the team is prepared to meet the style and needs specific to you and your organisation, and is happy to help you on your journey.