Education - AcrossLimits - Your EU Project Technology Partner


Education is very close to our hearts at AcrossLimits, and we have experts who can help from a pedagogical point of view, and can also give advice on the latest trends of technology in education.

Content Writing

If you are building an online course, we are able to help you out by structuring the content into individual modules, ensuring that there are clear learning outcomes from each of them, and building assessments to check that your students are understanding the subject. Our team of content writers can flesh out materials from short notes, research the areas you want to teach and provide invaluable text to make your educational materials just right.

Course Development

Whether face-to-face or online, we are able to develop the framework and structure for educational courses for adults, especially in the areas where we have our own in-house experts. This includes business management, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, robotics, and sustainability.

Workshop Animation

If you are organising an event, be it a workshop or a conference, and need someone to make sure that everyone gets along and participates, we are happy to provide you with co-hosts. Our experts can animate your events, so that you participate and enjoy the event together with your audience

Pedagogical Support

The 21st century skills for next generation schools focus on communication, collaboration and creative thinking. Our team can help you unlock the potential of new pedagogies in order to refresh your teaching styles and improve your delivery.

Technology in Education

Whether it is robotics, quizzes, games or VR/AR, we can show you how to integrate these new tools into your educational pathways. Students are more engaged, thanks to the use of technology in the classroom, and this has been proven time and again, especially with millenials. Collaborating with our experts and attending our specialised courses helps you take your school forward.