Online Video Courses

Online Video Courses

Day 1

Day 1: What to do when you’re in quarantine? Here’s a short video of how to build simple games for your children or students online. #trainingmalta #teaching #parenting #covid19

Day 2

Day 2: Building a Formula 1 crossword for the man in your life! Have a look here: and the link to play the actual crossword is this:…/5219207-formula_1_crossword.html #edtech #covid19 #formula1 #quarantine

Day 3

Day 3: Turn every Youtube video into a quiz for your teenagers! #edtech #trainingmalta #covid19 #quarantine

Day 4

Day 4: Generate Maths worksheets and get them corrected automatically! Great for parents and teachers that need quick solutions for their students! #maths #edtech #trainingmalta #covid19 #quarantine

Day 5

Day 5 – Geography and Biology worksheets. Create and correct automatically different worksheets for your students and children. #edtech #trainingmalta #biology #geography #covid19 #quarantine

Day 6

Day 6: History – Open Educational Resources. Finding quality educational materials is easy … Don’t just Google, but use curated open content #history #edtech #oer #covid19 #quarantine #trainingmalta

Day 7

Day 7 – Multilingual Resources for teachers across the world. Science resources in European languages and multi-lingual ebooks (text and audio) – #edtech #scientix #gutenberg #trainingmalta #covid19 #quarantine

Day 8

Day 8 – It’s the weekend so let’s do drawings, crafts and origami! Follow simple step by step instructions in multiple languages #edtech #crafts #weekendathome #covid19 #quarantine

Day 9

Day 9 – Pacman and Space Invaders! Let’s build fun games that take us back to the 80’s! #edtech #games #weekend #covid19 #quarantine #trainingmalta

Day 10 

Day 10 – Business subjects & online entrepreneurship tools. Study on your own, or invest the time to improve your business! #accounting #economics #entrepreneurship #edtech #trainingmalta

Day 11

Day 11 – Mental Health and Exercise. Check your students’ well-being and get them to move a bit! #mightifier #yoga #edtech #happy #covid19 #quarantine

Launching! Sea trails to begin in March for a new AI Captain.

Launching! Sea trails to begin in March for a new AI Captain.

When people started dreaming up autonomous vehicles, this seemed to be a reality far from reach. Fast forward to less than a decade later, and the company Waymo was born out of Google’s self-driving car project, positioning AI as their vehicle’s core driver. Sparking the interest of tech giants globally, billions started being poured into research and development, with each company becoming caught in an inevitable race that no one wanted to lose. 


This year Tesla is set to release new features to expand the current autonomous software packages that it offers. Both the Autopilot and Full Self Driving packages have been given the green light to be tested in public, with Musk claiming that fully fledged self-driving cars for public on-goers are but in the near future. 


But how is this research faring in terms of other vehicles? 


March 2020 is paving the way for a new AI Captain, which is set to navigate the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) on a trip across the Atlantic. Designed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original 1620’s Mayflower voyage, MAS will sail from Plymouth UK, to Plymouth Massachusetts, on a trip that is scheduled for the 6th of September of this year. Promare, the marine research team leading this expedition, will be collaborating with IBM and using a combination of high-tech AI, cloud, and edge computing systems to replace the entirety of human crew on board. 


How will this work?

The MAS is currently being constructed in Gdansk, Poland, and the first prototype of the AI captain will be tested this month on a manned research ship called Plymouth Quest. Having been training the AI for the past two years, researchers will be able to vouch how effective the system is at not only detecting its surroundings, but also reacting to them. The technology behind this voyage is the same as that used for supercomputers, with Promare using an IBM Power AC922, powered by IBM Power AC922 and NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs. NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier devices will be onboard in order to power the edge computing system, allowing the MAS to make the smartest decisions in the shortest amount of time. IBM’s Operational Decision Manager will then be in charge of choosing the safest route, using the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at sea (COLREGs) and the International Convention for the Safety at Sea (SOLAS) as guidelines for its decision making process. Combined with the data gathered from its surroundings and other devices, this will allow the AI captain to make the best decisions it can while enroute.


How will this technology affect us and how can we prepare for it?


Change is inevitable, and we can either embrace the future, or else fight a losing battle. As technology advances, we will start seeing an increase in the use of advanced systems that have already been, or are currently being implemented. The more we learn, the more we discover how AI and computing systems can take us further than we had ever imagined, paving the way towards a multitude of undiscovered possibilities. 


Europe embraces this technology, while focusing on creating a framework for an AI that is trustworthy, and that works for people. It places importance on utilizing AI while maintaining a sustainable and democratic society, and having a just and competitive economy. The EU understands the need of testing AI systems using unbiased data, and of having proper certification of algorithms that are used in high-risk systems. EU’s new strategy will dedicate 20 billion euros every year for the next ten years, reflecting its ambition and desire for Europe to embrace this digital age. 


How can AcrossLimits help you? 


We are a dynamic SME based in Malta that offers creative technology solutions, and provides specialist consultancy services, to many European countries. AcrossLimits has contributed to various training programs on a European scale, aiding companies in building technology strategies and strengthening their strategic business position within the market. These training programs also include the development of business plans, and the implementation of innovative projects that are supported by EU funds. 

If you are interested in acquiring further knowledge and training skills, contact us now on or visit our website for our upcoming courses.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Educational Sector and the Rising Popularity of eLearning Platforms.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Educational Sector and the Rising Popularity of eLearning Platforms.

With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic causing widespread panic, many areas of one’s daily life such as education and work are being adversely affected. Precautionary measures taken by governments have forced schools, universities and offices to lockdown. Thereby, higher educational institutions are capitalising on the growing trend to seek education and training online by offering their own eLearning courses.


However, it isn’t just the educational institutions which are providing such opportunities. Acrosslimits and Greymatter, led by Angele Giuliano and Kais Badran respectively, are renowned for their years of experience as advisors and consultants for different types of businesses. Both companies provide training courses to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, those already working in business, as well as those who simply possess an interest to further their knowledge and skills. The main purpose of these online courses is to be as diverse as possible in order to meet the needs of those who wish to enrol.


Acrosslimits has contributed to various training projects on a European scale. For instance; the company participated in an EU initiative which has organised online dementia care training courses for nurses. Apart from health, Acrosslimits has also partaken in the provision of projects within the technological, educational and business sectors. Hence, a variety of courses are available which take a modern approach to learning through utilising efficient software programs to educate both trainers and trainees alike. These courses also adhere to the traditional methods of teaching by hosting real-time classes. Such classes provide the opportunity for trainees to come together in order to communicate with their trainer as well as share notes through an effective file-sharing system.


Similarly to Acrosslimits, Greymatter works towards providing the best services to businesses. In fact, it has trained more than 70 of 500 fortune companies across 20 countries. Greymatter also boasts a variety of 65 available training programs, for which the best experts are chosen to lead. Furthermore, it is the company’s belief that such courses be tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. A “one size fits all” approach does not always provide for the best solutions. Therefore, efforts should be made to focus on individual successes. Additionally, Greymatter focuses on training leading figures within various industries. Through enabling business leaders to become more proficient in training, customers will undoubtedly receive top quality services.


So, with no clear signs as to when the virus will cease, educational institutions and workplaces alike may continue to stop functioning. The risk of prolonged stagnation thus looms in the air, yet both Acrosslimits and Greymatter are providing you with solutions. 

If you are interested in acquiring further knowledge and training skills, contact us now on or visit our website for our upcoming courses.

Malta-UAE based businesses to sign Collaboration Agreement

Malta-UAE based businesses to sign Collaboration Agreement

Two companies from two different countries have come together to share one goal,
and that is to thrive for the excellence of your company. Entrepreneurs Angele
Giuliano and Kais Badran, representing AcrossLimits and Grey Matter respectively,
have come to an agreement in order to help create a bridge between Gulf states and
European regions, and produce a holistic ground on which business can be accessible
between the two fronts.
Both companies excel in experience, expertise, knowledge, and manifest an eagerness
for success. Together with connections world-over, years of experience and several
successful stories with organisations and projects, this partnership between the two
companies will ensure to help European companies to collaborate with the Middle
East and vice versa. Furthermore, this partnership will offer the required training in
order to help improve business skills, and to maintain and sustain businesses.
Kais Badran, founder of Grey Matter, an award-winning researcher in the field of
human development, has trained in over thirty countries. He has offered his training
and consultancy services to top brands such as; Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Ferrari in
projects situated in the Middle East, Africa, North America, China, and Europe. Grey
Matter focuses on three main key factors which are; to provide the individual and/or
company with experts who deliver the knowledge and practical experience that they
will need, to offer solutions suitable for any situation, and valuing each and every
individuals’ success. This formula has proven to seek and
accomplish solutions for any given situation and helps to
keep the project, organisation, or individuals’ success on
the forefront. Kais emphasises on the crucial point that
when it comes to collaborating, one needs to trust their
partner “When targeting markets on a global scale, it is
essential to have a business partner that is diligent,
experienced, and trustworthy. I believe that
AcrossLimits will be that partner in this
Angele Giuliano, founder and Managing Director of Acrosslimits, states “During
2020 AcrossLimits is aiming to grow beyond Europe and reach new potential
markets in the Gulf area this collaboration with Grey Matter is the perfect
opportunity to achieve this aim.” Angele has 18 years of experience in the advisory
sector and has consulted numerous projects, namely EU projects which are focused in
a plethora of innovative areas including technology, education, entrepreneurship,
health and social issues. The company strives to assist in delivering high quality
projects, with key factors such as assisting clients as
interim experts within complex projects and holds
numerous European connections, specifically in; Finland,
Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, and Ireland.
AcrossLimits also participates in research institutions
such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus plus+ and Interreg
ItaliaMalta. Angele expresses that “We aspire to take on
other European companies that want to develop their
exporting business and on the other hand, to be the
ideal business partner for Gulf companies that want to
pursue business in Europe”
The aim of this collaboration is evident and that is to reach a community, a
harmonisation of business in different parts of the globe. With connections seasoned
on all corners of the world, different markets and companies can find an easier method
with the help of this partnership.

Women-led businesses from Malta and Jordan sign collaboration agreement

Women-led businesses from Malta and Jordan sign collaboration agreement

AcrossLimits and Medal Consulting have signed a Collaboration Agreement, reached during the course of the first ever Arab-European Businesswomen Forum held in Malta on the 13th November. The Agreement commits both partners to pursue avenues of future cooperation, and explore areas of common interest in building business ties between Europe and the Arab World.

“This new collaboration between AcrossLimits and Medal Consulting will create a win-win business relationship,” said Angele Giuliano, Owner and Managing Director at AcrossLimits. “We believe we have a lot to offer to Jordan and to the Arab world. We’re also keen to learn more about how business is done in this culture. This is something we can feed back to our European partners, letting them know about the business opportunities that exist in collaborations between European and Arab enterprises.”

According to Rana El-Akhal, Managing Partner of Medal Consulting, when like minded businesswomen sit together, they build on each other’s strengths. “We have high aspirations for this collaboration, and we both started working to realize the memorandum from day one,” she said. “From our side, we see an opportunity to bring the experience of AcrossLimits to Jordan and other countries we operate in. On the other hand, Medal’s services in socioeconomic development and organizational excellence, as well as its understanding of the local culture, can complement AcrossLimits’ offerings and play to both of our strengths.”

The Arab-European Businesswomen Forum, during which the agreement was signed, brought together a number of political and business figures to help connect businesswomen in Europe and the Arab world. The conference was addressed by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela, Dr. Amal Jadou from the Palestine Foreign Ministry, and Sheikha Dr. Hind Al-Qasm, President of the UAE Businesswomen Club.

Speakers from Europe included businesswomen from Malta, Greece, Lithuania, Sweden and Turkey; those from the Arab world included businesswomen from Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Algeria, and Kuwait.

Horizon Cloud – The Forum for Strategy Focused Cloud Stakeholders

Horizon Cloud – The Forum for Strategy Focused Cloud Stakeholders

Project Acronym: H-CLOUD
Project Full Name: Horizon Cloud – The Forum for Strategy Focused Cloud Stakeholders
Duration: 24 months
Sector: Cloud Computing / Information and Communication Technologies
Programme: Horizon2020
About: Almost everyday we witness the rise of new cloud technologies, services and solutions. Despite the existing gap, with the US giants the European Cloud Community (ECC) is growing and leading the creation of Single Digital Market in Europe. Still, to strength such market, its fragmentation needs to be reduced. Beyond that, European market is largely dominated by SME that are struggling to adopt cloud services (beyond email and cloud storage) to innovate their business due to the lack of “cloud-culture” and trust toward cloud services. European Commission is leading a number of key actions (e.g. GDPR) to overcome these and other barriers, but it requires the help and the support of the ECC, in terms of a common technology vision, policies and recommendations.
While strengthening the Digital Market is beyond the capabilities of European research funding programmes, a clear  mandate is to lead the definition of the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for Cloud Computing that should provide recommendations and strategies to guide the future of European Cloud services and their market regulations. H-Cloud addresses this challenge by creating a sustainable forum of stakeholders representing the Cloud Computing research, industry and users with the aim to define a common vision for the future of Cloud Computing in Europe.
Based on the outcomes of previous actions, H-Cloud will establish the ECC forum as a live community of organisations and individuals that will collaborate around different themes with the aim of addressing challenges and opportunities at research, technological, policy, standardisation and organisational level. The creation of a common vision on Cloud Computing, will be the key to unlock the potential of Cloud Computing to support the creation of a Digital Single Market. Through an open governance model and valuable incentives, H-Cloud will ensure that ECC Forum will outlast the project duration, becoming a valuable asset of the whole ECC.