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AcrossLimits turns 22!

This June AcrossLimits celebrated its 22nd birthday, marking over two decades since it was founded on the 12th of June 2001. Starting from humble beginnings, AcrossLimits has steadily grown into the creative technology company it is today, having participated in over 80 successfully funded EU projects to date and having supported numerous organisations, spanning across academia, industry and the public sector, to step into the European stage themselves.

“AcrossLimits today is a giant when compared to where we started. We have managed hundreds of international and EU projects and contracts. We obtained funding to grow, not only for us, but for all our clients and partners who share the same vision of innovation and European values. We built digital platforms, pushed the frontier of research in areas like health and education. We helped children, youths, elderly, migrants, women and men, able and not, to improve themselves, their skills and their communities within many different EU countries. AcrossLimits has and will continue to be a force of positive change. Thanks to all that helped make our history, and to those that will grow our future.”
– Angele Giuliano, Managing Director of AcrossLimits

As we celebrate AcrossLimits’ 22nd birthday we look back on this past year and some of the highlights and achievements of this year.

Over the past year alone we’ve participated in 11 different EU projects, such as:

  • Becoming a Woman Coder (BWC) was a three year project that was brought to an end this year with a successful final conference in France. BWC created professional online tools that will enable support networks to better help women in finding employment. This project won the Bonne Pratique award for Erasmus+ projects. Read more here.
  • ENVISION Alliances is an ambitious 3-year project that was kicked-off this year. This project is developing the Venture Alliances collaboration platform, which matches academic researchers with industry enterprises to enable the commercialisation of research-based innovations and joint business ventures. In this project we are joined by our business partners Web2Learn and Arcinno.
  • PAITool is another project that began during the past year, aiming to develop and test new flexible opportunities for VET on Artificial Intelligence, that will support SME staff in adapting to and enacting digital transformation by learning how to incorporate AI systems and tools in their own business structure. Read more about this project here.
  • Fintech Investor Network and Ecosystem (FINE) is a new project beginning this September, which aims to create more inclusive and connected networks between Fintech ecosystems on a local and international level, by promoting collaboration between investors through coinvestment for Fintech startups. This ambitious project brings together several large clusters, investors and other ecosystem players in Fintech.

Over the past year, our team was also present at several events all across Europe, where we got  to meet and interact with many of our partners, clients and friends from all across Europe and beyond. Some highlights were:

  • EIC Summit (Sweden) – As part of her role as an EIC Ambassador, our managing Director, Angele Giuliano attended the 2023 EIC Summit, a 2-day event focusing on DeepTech in Sweden for the EU Presidency. This event was a great opportunity for AcrossLimits to interact with several incredible potential partners of the European Innovation ecosystem.
  • TransformED Conference (Malta) – AcrossLimits attended TransformED, a training symposium that brought together educators with expert trainers, thought leaders and industry players both large and small to learn, share and network on the future of education in Europe.
  • Cyprus Forum (Nicosia, Cyprus) Angele Giuliano represented the EIC – The European Innovation Council – on a business panel at the Cyprus Forum in Nicosia. The topic of the panel was ‘Benefits of Attracting International Tech Companies’.
  • Conference  – Irish Regions Cooperating across the EU (Ireland) – AcrossLimits was present at this event, learning more about the opportunities for local government to participate in the new round of EU funding, particularly in the European Territorial Cooperation programmes, the Horizon Europe Missions and the LIFE programme.
  • BlueInvest Day (Brussels) – AcrossLimits was present at the BlueInvest Day in Brussels which was a great opportunity to network with investors, SMEs and stakeholders. Here we attended with one of our clients as part of our Engagement with Brussels services.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported AcrossLimits in our journey so far. We are very excited to see what the future brings, with several new projects underway and new events already lined up for the coming year. As always we are thrilled to continue chasing new opportunities in Europe and the wider world, and above all, to continue going across limits and far beyond them, whatever they may be!