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AcrossLimits Celebrates 23rd Anniversary

Today, we are thrilled to celebrate 23 years since AcrossLimits’ founding! What began as a small software development company has blossomed into a leading creative technology and communications firm. Over the years, we have proudly participated in over 80 successful EU projects, empowering numerous organisations across academia, industry, and the public sector to navigate the world of European funding opportunities. Our AcrossLimits family has grown much larger, now boasting 20 talented employees and a network of over 50 experts who contribute to our mission of driving innovation and collaboration across Europe.

In light of our growth, AcrossLimits has entered a new stage in its lifecycle, becoming more sustainable in operating as a well-oiled machine with multiple moving components. To reflect this step forward, we would like to announce the establishment of five new departments, already operating within the AcrossLimits team.

The new departments are:

  • HR, Finance and Administration led by Jacqueline Bugeja oversees all financial and administrative matters of the company
  • IT and Digital Media led by Emanuele Pristerà is the software development and creative media arm of the company, developing creative solutions for our clients and projects
  • Partnerships led by Senfer Usman coordinates the engagement and management of clients, as well as our collaborations with our vast network of partners across Europe
  • EU Funding and Proposal Development led by Alexander Camilleri handles the identification of EU funding opportunities and the conceptualisation, writing and submission of proposals for EU grants and tenders
  • EU Projects led by Rebecca Zammit is responsible for the timely and quality implementation of the companies’ commercial and EU projects and tenders

As can be expected, it has been a busy year for AcrossLimits, and today we celebrate a number of achievements over the past twelve months.


Several new projects, and many more underway

Over the past year we’ve kicked off six new EU projects:

  • Fintech Investor Network and Ecosystem (FINE): The FINE kickoff meeting was held in France in September 2023. The project is focusing on fintech investor networks in Europe, with the goal being to build stronger connections among fintech networks, both locally and internationally. Read more here.
  • ERA Shuttle: The ERA Shuttle kickoff meeting was held in Croatia in September 2023. The project’s main goal is to foster R&I capacity in the ERA to benefit the participating widening countries, which are Poland, Croatia and Malta, and to create a cross-sectoral framework for collaboration to address contemporary health & environmental challenges and produce innovative solutions for the benefit of society. Read more here.
  • PoliRuralPlus: The PoliRuralPlus kicked off in Prague in January 2024. This project aims to foster sustainable, balanced, equitable, place-based, and inclusive development of rural and urban areas through innovation, experimentation, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Read more here.
  • Women TechEU: This project, which started on 1st February 2024, is a massive undertaking for AcrossLimits and our 14 consortium partners, taking over the scheme that was previously run by the European Commission, with the 2-year project totalling €15 million. The aim of Women TechEU is to address the gender gap evident in the deep tech sectors, where less than 2% European companies are women-led. Women TechEU will invest 12M€ in equity-free grants to 160 women-led deep tech companies and provide a programme of additional capacity building support services. AcrossLimits leads the dissemination, communication and exploitation work package in this project, and we have the responsibility of ensuring that the scheme reaches 15,000 startups! Read more here.
  • GREENPORT Alliances: Part of our projects team went to Istanbul in February 2024 for the kick off meeting of the Greenport Alliances project! The 2-day meeting was very productive, and our team had a chance to network with stakeholders as well as project partners. The project is a collaborative initiative focused on advancing sustainability in the port services sector.
  • PATTERN: The PATTERN project, which kicked off in May 2024, builds upon a previous initiative to transform road infrastructure management. By using digital twin technology, advanced AI algorithms, and data analytics, PATTERN aims to optimise urban mobility, reduce emissions, and promote sustainable transportation practices.

Though as one project begins another one ends. This year we’ve successfully concluded six projects spanning the fields of digital education and elearning, such as PAITool and Solution4SLD, social inclusion and well-being, such as SOLIS, MARS and RISE, as well as eHealth, namely the ITAMA project.

At the same time we continue our successful work on several of our ongoing projects such as:

  • InnovaLab which aims to bring together innovative teaching material to provide educators with a toolkit to improve the quality of their educational output.
  • Venture Alliances which is matching academic innovators with industry enterprises to enable the effective commercialisation of research-based innovations.
  • WINBLUE which will implement tools aiming towards the empowerment of women and mainstreaming of gender equality in various sectors of the blue economy.


Attending major events all over Europe

We were also fortunate enough to attend several events occurring all throughout Europe, where we got the chance to meet many of our partners and clients face-to-face. Some of the most exciting events over the past year included:

  • Cyprus Fintech Summit (Cyprus): We attended the Cyprus Fintech Summit in September 2023 to kick off our Horizon Europe project FINE (Fintech Investor Network in Europe) and our Head of Partnerships, Senfer Usman, together with expert Deniz Usman, started the real networking!
  • Gitex Global 2023 (United Arab Emirates): Our managing director, Angele Giuliano, attended Gitex Global where, together with business partner Kais Badran, she hosted an engaging workshop in Abu Dhabi discussing the art of storytelling and how to pitch innovative ideas. It was also a great chance to network and meet with people from various industries.
  • EIC Summit 2024 (Belgium): The whole Women TechEU consortium met at the summit in Brussels to promote the project and show how it can help empower women-led deep tech businesses. The project gives a chance to women in deeptech to receive a €75,000 grant and additional business support services. During the summit, our managing director, Angele Giuliano, was also reappointed as an EIC ambassador, along with 24 other continuing ambassadors.
  • EU Startups Summit (Malta): Members of our team attended the 2024 EU-Startups Summit in Malta! A massive event showcasing several of Europe’s top startups and entrepreneurs. They met with several women entrepreneurs leading deep tech companies and introduced them to WomenTechEU and its opportunities.
  • European Maritime Day (Denmark): Our Head of EU Projects, Rebecca, attended the European Maritime Day in Svendborg. Rebecca presented the WINBLUE project’s work in relation to Gender Equality Plans in the workshop “Planning & Implementing Equality in the Blue Economy”.

New members to the core team

The AcrossLimits family keeps growing! In the last year, we are happy to have welcomed 7 new members, based in Malta and Cyprus, to our core team to strengthen our different departments. 

It has truly been an exciting journey and we would like to thank everyone who has collaborated with us or supported us in our work. We hope we can continue to grow and shape our future, together with our cherished clients, partners, and friends as we continue to navigate the world of opportunities ahead of us, both in Europe and beyond.