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Revival Entrepreneurship through Second Chance

Project Acronym: 2REVIVE
Project Full Name: Revival Entrepreneurship through Second Chance
Duration: 24 months (2017-2019)
Sector: Entrepreneurship
Programme: Erasmus Plus – Strategic Partnerships
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038525
Email: [email protected]
About: The current situation in Europe places ex-entrepreneurs in a tough environment, not only from a regulatory point of view, but also from a psychological and societal point of view. There is a widespread perception about the stigma of failure and the fear of punitive sanctions, as well as practical difficulties faced by formerly bankrupt entrepreneurs, that hinder them from again being entrepreneurs. The main aim of the project is to support the development of second-chance entrepreneurship in different ways, thus helping them to restart their business successfully.
AcrossLimits’ Role: The main role of Acrosslimits in this project is as technical partners and also in piloting the online course that will be produced.