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project acronym: STAR

project fullname: Skills Training and Re-Skilling for Carers of People in Dementia

lifetime: 2010-2013

sector: ICT in Education, Education and Training

programme: Life Long Learning Programme


email[email protected]

about: STAR has created a European portal with a community of dementia experts, that supports innovative national online communities for carers. This way, STAR provides a greater cohesion and access to dementia care training material across Europe, improving European mobility of dementia care workers.

STAR addresses persons that are willing to improve their skills in caring for persons with dementia, but are lacking access to such training today:

  • carers with no formal skills employed by families to care for people with dementia in their homes.
  • families themselves that need easily accessible training in dementia care
  • dementia care staff in need of more training programmes, in some countries
  • non-care staff and volunteers in home care and in residential homes that lack specific training
  • new and temporary staff that cannot get training when they start caring for people with dementia
  • immigrant workers in dementia care that have difficulty in finding information and training about dementia care in their primary language

acrosslimits role: We are the workpackage leaders for the technical e-learning platform and have implemented the materials as courses and modules online. We have also assisted in the successful launch conference in October 2013 at the Alzheimer’s Europe conference in Malta

Author: acrosslimits